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Yes I'd Like to Know How Much My Home is Worth

Selling your home is 80 % planning and 20 % doing.

We realise that you are not ready to put your house on the market now, but if you are thinking of selling your home in the next 12 months, there are many benefits in calling us in now.

Most of our clients who have sold their house with us called us in because they had a deadline. They were required to be in another city in a month’s time, or they needed the money to finish a building project or, often, they held off listing until they found the next house they wanted to buy.

The best way to prepare for the marketing of your home is to do so before you face a deadline.

Call us and let us discuss how we can help you maxmize the profit of your home. There are four parts to this that we can go through with the luxury of no advertising deadlines.

• I can give you an updated appraisal. As you are both buying and selling on this market, the appraisal may change what you are looking for.
• I can talk you through what is happening in the market in your neighbourhood.
• I can talk to you about what you could do (and, in a lot of cases, not do) to the property to make it worth more or sell quicker when the time comes. This allows you to get any jobs done with plenty of time up your sleeve.
• I can also talk you through the myriad of marketing options that are out there at the moment; for example, auction or no auction, price or no price? These are some of the ways you can go to the market.
So there is a lot to do in terms of the 80 % planning part of selling.

No obligation. No pressure. Call us now and let’s get the process started. It could be worth thousands of dollars and months of time to you.

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