Featured Event: Multifest Fete at Algester Primary School 30th October

It’s that time of year again!

The days are getting warmer, and summer nights are right around the corner. But before it reaches scorching temperatures in Brisbane and we are stuck inside with air conditioning all day, we are going to celebrate this great local event, yes the Multifest!

An annual event put on by the Algester Primary School, the Multifest is a unique opportunity for friends and family members to get together to better know one another and help support a fantastic educational program while at the same time supporting local businesses along the way.

This year’s Multifest is going to be held on Friday, October 30th (from between 3 PM and 8:30 PM), and everyone is welcome!

Food! Music! Fun!

Just like in years past, everyone is going to have the opportunity to enjoy a wide array of different foods, snacks, and dishes while participating in any of the games and activities or shopping at many of the local businesses that have sponsored a stall.

This year’s menu includes delights such as:

  • Gourmet hotdogs
  • Hot chips and Dagwood dogs
  • Beautiful roast beef rolls with gravy
  • Loaded nachos
  • Woodfired pizzas

… And as a special little treats, calamari!

Parents are encouraged to participate in any of the activities that are hosted at this annual event with their children, and will have the opportunity to shop at local establishments that have taken advantage of this opportunity to sponsor the Multifest.

Sponsors are welcome!

Though the overwhelming majority of this event is focused around bringing the community closer together, it’s also a fantastic time to generate funds that help to improve facilities at the school while at the same time showcasing local businesses and encouraging local commerce.

Local business owners are certainly welcome to sponsor a stall at the Multifest, and will be given priority “real estate” at the venue so that they are able to better interact with the community. Sponsors can also donate in other ways, providing prizes for raffles, helping with administration and support issues, and a number of other ways as well.

We hope to see you at this year’s Multifest!

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Featured Event: Multifest Fete at Algester Primary School 30th October